Elon Musk’s Future City

According to Forbes, Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla and SpaceX, is the most innovative person in the world for the second year in a row. And that shows very clearly in the incredible success hes achieved in business. Ten years ago he was thought to be a ruthless man with eccentric ideas. In 2008, his company Tesla collapsed during the financial crisis. Now Tesla is one of the most successful niche automakers in the production of electric cars, all due to the fact that Elon Musk was persevering and determined. Ten years ago it was thought to be impossible. But he has no plans to stop anytime soon. He has many wild and innovative plans for the future of humanity that would improve the quality of our lives. Elon Musk believes that technology is only getting better and better every day. Things are moving so fast that the future could be filled with exponential technological advances that would change the world.In the future, we will have video games that are so realistic that we will find it difficult to distinguish between game and reality. From autonomous tunnel networks to braincontrolled computers, we‘ll see Elon Musk and his technology evolve. move us forward and shape the city of the future. Elon says we always want the future to be better than the past. A future that is exciting and in which people want to live. A few decades ago, many technological advances seemed unimaginable;

today they are our new normal, life without them is unimaginable. Lets see what Elon Musk’s future city would look like. So how do we get from city to city in Elons City of the Future? From York to Shanghai in 39 minutes or from Sydney to London in an hour. But that‘s what Elon and SpaceX are working on. Comparing space rockets to airplanes, Elon says that it would cost up to $ 250 million if you didn’t repurpose an airplane. Dollar ions to fly one way, but because we can reuse them tens of thousands of times, it becomes affordable.The same goes for space missiles. A SpaceX rocket costs around $ 57 million and if the rocket is reused a thousand times it will cost nearly $ 57 thousand per flight and if we transport people we can reduce the price of a rocket flight to the price of a cheap plane ticket. The space rocket is being developed to bring people to Mars, it can also transport people from city to city. In a 2017 interview, Elon said he is working to make this a reality in the next 10 years and if you can move people you can move cargo too, which means super fast delivery for the people Tesla is developing electric semitrailers, that need a driver, but in the future we will see a completely driverless version of it and they will make deliveries and transportation cheaper. In addition, these trucks are good for the environment as 25% of the greenhouse gases come from the trucking industry. The ideas seem implausible and Elon has planned to make them possible in the next 10 to 12 years. There is another avenue that Elon plans to develop and that is hyper-loop transport. Elon Musk asks, when you think of a new transportation system, what would you ideally want?You want something that is half the price of the tour, twice as fast, doesnt crash, and is weatherproof. To make this possible, Elon is working on the idea of ​​the Hyperloop, which should take around 12 minutes to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and which will also be powered by solar panels. Within the cities there will be Hyperloop stations that will make traveling easier and faster. Several Hyperloop routes are being planned and in the future of Elon they will be a big draw. Innovative ideas and technologies that amaze: In addition to the ideas discussed above, we will visit the futuristic city of Elon. When asked about his vision for an exciting future, he rejected the idea of ​​flying cars and drones, saying that nobody would like to see cars fly overhead and create all kinds of things. Elon is right in many ways, he said one of the most souldestroying things is traffic and if traffic in the air or in cars blocks the view of the sky it would be affected by the weather and many other factors would not be a problem. ideal city for the future you want.To counteract this traffic problem that is costing our lives,

he planned to build a network of tunnels in 3D. For this he founded a company called The Boring Company, which should deal with the construction of tunnels. He sees the solution for city traffic in the network of tunnels, which leads further into the cities.

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