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different salon names in the last several years so are classy and some of them are just downright awful and I want to help you pick one that’ll be great for your salon. Choosing the right name for your salon is really important because it’s the foundation of your salon branding and
your branding is really important to get new clients. So let’s get into the six tips for picking the right name for your salon.

Tip number one, like Stephen Covey, says begin with the end in mind. Envision your salon five years from now. What are you going to look like?
Where are you going to be located? How many employees are you going to have? What product line are you going to be using? Then get out a pad of paper and write down a one-word adjective that will describe your salon as you see it in five years.

These adjectives will help guide you choose the right name for your salon. Tip number two pick up salon name is gonna stand out in your city. Write down a list of all the current salon names that are in your city and see if anything stands out. Is there anything that similar within that salon? Oftentimescities will take on their own culture and salon names will kind of fit that culture. If all the salon names in your
the city is named after street maybe you
want something that’s a little more creative.

it’s important to be slightly different than the rest of the salons in your city that you stand out and that you’re memorable in people’s minds. Step number three considers your target audience. If your salon is all about serving 20 and 30year-old females and doing their color then probably you want something to be a little more creative. If you are serving older women you’re doing a lot of terms then make it a little bit more conservative. Either way

consider your target audience and think about what is a salon name that’s going to draw them to your salon. What’s going to pique their interest and what’s going to get them interested in calling you up and
scheduling an appointment. Knowing your target audience is extremely important because it’s going to dictate everything about your salon. Your salon prices. The furniture. The colors you choose. The
environment that you create your salon
culture and your salon name. When all of those things

are congruent because you have established who your target clientele is you’re going to find that target clientele being drawn to you and your salon is going to grow faster and your books are going to be full. Tip number 4 surveys a one-mile radius around your salon location.
This might sound a little strange and aIt little bit outside your comfort zone but trust me it works. Take a weekend with a clipboard and open and go door-to-door around your neighborhood and just ask people hey my name is Dustin and I’m opening up a salon right over there and I’m wondering if you had to choose a salon strictly based on the name which of these three choices would you choose? Make a tally of what your neighborhood says and you’ll be surprised.

There will probably be one that raises the top and that’s probably the best choice for your new salon name. Tip number five if you are having a really difficult time narrowing down your salon names you can never lose with men’s names. There are many different salons and salon products that are named after it already fits within the culture. In addition, naming the salon after yourself really creates a personal brand where you are the center of that brand and typically people connect with a person more than they do with a concept or institution. Obviously, you won’t have any problem being unique in your city because you’re the only one with that name and it also sets you apart like the hair professional.

Hey, you have a salon named after you. Finally, number six and probably most important to me as somebody that likes helping salon professionals with their digital marketing is checking for domain availability. You want to go to a site like NameCheap and type in the name chosen for your salon and see if there’s a dot-com URL is available. Having a strong and memorable domain name that matches your salon name is really important because it’s going to be on your business cards all of your print material any advertising materials, so you want something that’s going to be able to be memorable in somebody’s mind so that
they can find you on the internet.

Once you’ve created your salon website you’re going to want it to rank at the top of google search. Both your website and your apps listening and possibly a youtube video so that all three of those things can be on the first page of Google and so you’ll get more clients organically when
they’re searching for a salon in your city. I’ve created an online course
specifically for salon professionals

like you to teach you how to create a WordPress website from scratch and then rank your website number one in local google search. Also
in this training program is an entire module teaching you have to rank your Google my business page that’s number one in the maps section so that people find you

right away at the top in the local park. And then finally I also teach
also, rank that on the first page of google search. I love helping new salon professionals create a website google+ listing and a YouTube video and ranking all three of those in organic google searches so they can get more clients every day.

I’ve done this in my salon and can tell you from personal experience that we don’t pay any money on advertising and we’re getting new clients all the time to the point where we actually need to hire any stylist al

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