Why Lots Of Smart People Are Poor ?

so you’re smart but not wealthy is there an explanation for this yes it appears   that there is a possibility let’s get this party started smart people overlook their weaknesses   do you ever look at wealthy folks and think that there are too many of them that are well   boring don’t you ever listen to wealthy folks and think to yourself what do they have that i don’t   aside from money what else in fact doesn’t it surprise you a little that you know so much have   seen so much and can accomplish so much despite having so little money there’s a chance there’s   a cause for your lack of riches but to be honest it’s going to be a tough one to take in several   of you seeing this have above average iqs but only a small number of you earn enough to be considered   upper class what’s the reason for this if you’re so brilliant why aren’t you wealthy would it be   fair to assume that they’re gossiping about you so which of the above patterns resonates with you   the most well strap in i’m about to dive in even deeper smart people are prone to overlooking   other skills such as relationship development in favor of focusing solely on their intelligence   smart people sometimes believe that their success is predetermined by their intelligence and that   other abilities are unimportant an employee who struggles with workplace diplomacy for example   may dismiss it as a minor annoyance rather than a necessary ability for their position   similarly they may believe that being pleasant is important for a secretary   but not for an executive as a result they do not devote time or effort to honing these abilities   these perspectives aren’t random most people are wired to desire focus   on their abilities and avoid thinking about their weaknesses bright children are frequently told   that their intelligence is valuable throughout their childhood they’re told they’re intelligent   as children and they learn that success comes more easily to them than to others during their   schooling it’s easy to see why they’d focus on their intellect as adults because of this   however in most industries raw intelligence isn’t enough to succeed and concentrating solely on   your greatest strength rather than tackling your deficiencies is a recipe for failure   the solution is overcome your limitations by utilizing your strengths you can learn the skills   that don’t come easily to you if you’re skilled at learning you don’t need a makeover all you need   is a strategy and a sincere desire to improve determine three specific workplace diplomacy   behaviors that will help you succeed in that area for example smart people aren’t good with teamwork   aka know-it-alls for highly intelligent people teamwork can be a source of frustration when   someone grasps concepts fast and has high expectations of himself it might be challenging   to work with those who take longer to process information and grasp concepts   this frustration with teamwork can develop early and a person felt held back in school   by being in class with less intelligent students you know what this feels like if you routinely did   the majority of the work on group projects or if you were scolded for daydreaming during a class   that moved too slowly for you these emotions might resurface at any time in one’s life  

when a person develops an emotional raw spot as a child they frequently have exaggerated internal   reactions when the raw area is rubbed as an adult smart people also have a hard time delegating   because they believe they can accomplish a task better regardless of whether this is actually true   this is especially true for those who have a strong desire to be perfect   the quick fix is be patient with yourself and understand where your emotional   reactions are coming from but also learn to truly appreciate what different minds bring to a team   smart people mostly have low self-esteem smart people frequently attribute a large portion of   their self-esteem to their intelligence which can reduce resilience and lead to avoidance   it might be challenging to be in situations that expose weaknesses in your armor if a large part of   your self-esteem is based on your intelligence working with people who are more talented or   intellectual receiving constructive criticism or taking a risk and failing are all examples of this   any situation that makes you feel stupid is regarded as extremely dangerous   the astute individual may even try to avoid those circumstances putting them at a disadvantage the   simple answer to this take an objective look at the advantages of working with people who   are smarter than you in some ways you’re doing something well if you surround yourself with smart   individuals keep in mind that iron sharpens iron develop relationships with people you can rely on   to provide you with constructive criticism it’ll become simpler as you become accustomed   to accepting critical comments from people who believe in your overall capabilities and abilities   smart people aren’t as patient boredom is a common occurrence in intelligent people being smart isn’t   the same as being curious but if you have both you might get tired of repeating the same actions   some sorts of success come from being creative while others come from mastering a niche and   repeating a set of behaviors if you’re intelligent curious and enjoy learning you may discover that   once you’ve figured something out you rapidly lose interest in it you might find the execution side   of performance boring and you’d rather be learning new things all the time finding a niche and   repeating the same method can be more profitable but it’s not always the case although that might   seem too boring or unchallenging to you an easy fix is take a 30 000 foot view of when it’s   worth accepting a little boredom in exchange for quick wins that will improve your overall success   rather than seeking drastic change consider when tolerating brief periods of boredom  

few minutes or hours could be extremely advantageous to your achievement for example   investing 5 hours per week in a tedious yet rewarding activity also make sure you have ample   outlets for your passion for learning in many areas of your life such as your profession hobbies   physical health self-awareness and so on smart people overthink before taking risks in-depth   thinking and reflection are sometimes seen as a solution to all problems by smart individuals   bright people are accustomed to achieving success through their analytical abilities   yet they may ignore situations where a different approach may be more helpful for example when   alternative ways would be more fruitful the smart person might approach every problem by   trying to think it to death over researching every decision and brooding over every error   the alternative is recognize when your thoughts have turned into an unhealthy addiction consider   when other methods of success are more likely than thinking experiment with taking breaks to   break yourself out of a rut and allow yourself to learn by doing rather than by completing lengthy   advanced research expand your insight gathering talents so you aren’t the person who perceives   every problem as a nail because their only tool is a hammer finally if you find yourself ruminating   doing negatively toned overthinking interrupting it by engaging in an absorbing activity for a few   minutes such as a puzzle this is a surprisingly effective method for getting out of a funk   so which of the patterns so far most closely resemble your personality   you should consider putting them in order of importance do you have any co-workers or friends   who appear to fall into these traps allow any feelings of shame or condemnation to fade away   they aren’t required or helpful in breaking these behaviors if you identify with any of   these tendencies worry not you’re actually not the only one otherwise this video wouldn’t exist   smart people are perfectionists and only want the best apart from the above intelligence   boosts your ability to deceive yourself with detailed explanations for why something happened   high iq people aren’t necessarily quick learners because they try to jam the real world into   the theories they’ve been taught whereas normal people are better at taking things at face value   here’s the thing we prefer to evaluate others entirely on their behavior but when it comes to   ourselves we have an internal dialogue that rationalizes our errors and bad decisions   if you’re a fund manager who’s had a bad year i might be able to tell you what went wrong right   away if on the other hand i’m a fund manager with poor performance i can create myself a tale   to justify my actions and explain the results as a result two things happen we believe we’re   less faulty than others because we rarely hear other people’s internal reasons for their errors   but we’re acutely aware of our own when you’re gifted with intelligence you’re also saddled   with the capacity to utilize it to manufacture complex and frequently incorrect explanations for   why things happened especially when it comes to why you mister or miss smartypants made a mistake   smart people are too attached to the cause intelligence also encourages you to believe   that complicated issues necessitate sophisticated answers because simple solutions navigate around   rather than trying to steer through portions of an issue that are essentially unknowable some of the   most complicated challenges demand the simplest solutions a good example is by robert weinberg a   bright cancer researcher at mit who perfectly describes why highly clever individuals like   himself aren’t interested in easy remedies even if they’re effective in the 2015 documentary cancer   the emperor of all maladies persuading someone to stop smoking is a mental challenge molecules genes   and cells have nothing to do with it as a result people like myself are largely uninterested in it   even though quitting smoking will have a far greater impact on cancer mortality than anything   i could achieve in my lifetime furthermore even when an issue necessitates a complex solution   the ability to convey it in simple terms is critical to gaining people’s respect   it makes me wonder how many academic geniuses have found something incredible but published   it in a paper so dense and convoluted that no one else can understand it i’m sure it’s a lot so the   takeaway is that being super smart also means you understand how much you don’t know this is   a double-edged sword and of course we’re focusing on the blunt side you’ll never be able to study or  

comprehend everything no matter how hard you try when the more you know the less you know   intelligence becomes a cure scientists discover that the less bright you are the higher your   cognitive talents are overestimated and vice versa in one experiment students in the lowest quartile   of a test adapted from the lsat overestimated the number of items they got right by roughly 50   those in the top quartile on the other hand overestimated their number of right answers this   concludes that personality matters a lot when it comes to financial success this is excellent news   for all of you smart people you can’t change your iq but you can impact your conscientiousness and   curiosity encourage yourself to finish what you start and when you do recognize and respect all   accomplishments

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